C A N T A B R I A   U N I V E R S I T Y
Venta Laperra (Carranza, Vizcaya)  
    Venta Laperra   The representations of the cave Venta Laperra were discovered in 1904 by Lorenzo Sierra. In spite of being a cavern situated in Biscayan territory, the border with Cantabria is so close that it often caused mistakes about exact location. In fact in the first study of this cavity the authors include in what then was the province of Santander.

The huge mouth, that can be observed from the road, is the access to a spacious cavity. In an exterior zone of the cave, illuminated by sun light, we find a small group of figures formed by three bisons and one bear. They are made using the deep engraving lines. Other non-figurative engraved lines are also seen. The situation of the figures in an exterior zone, as well as its archaic style and the employed technique allow the cronology to be set in the beginnings of the cantabric palaeolithic art, this is, in an advanced point of the Gravettian or in the begining of the Solutrean, approximately between the 25000 on the 20000 before the present (B.P).

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