C A N T A B R I A   U N I V E R S I T Y
Sovilla (Sovilla, San Felices de Buelna)  
    Horse   The cave of Sovilla is located in the homonymous village, in San Felices de Buelna, very close to the Hornos de la Peña cave. What today is preserved of this cave is the terminal room, because its fore part was destroyed by a quarry in the 50s. But it could be reconstruted as it was thanks to the information from the people who knew it before it was partially destroyed. Besides the blowing up made by the menbers of the quarry, poachers have seriously damaged the deposit, partially destroying the stratigraphy and making inscriptions over the palaeolithic figures. Under these inscriptions, a team from the University of Cantabria leaded by César González Sainz has been able to locate, recently several figures of hinds, horses bison and one reindeer besides other non-figurative evidences. All the representations are engraved, some of them even with scraping inside, this technique could be used to prepare the wall or to get a sensation of volume, depending on the zone where it appears. After the researchs made, it gets confirmed that the group is from the Magdalenien period.  
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