C A N T A B R I A   U N I V E R S I T Y
La Peña del Cuco (Castro Urdiales)  
        Close to Castro Urdiales, the cave of Peña del Cuco is situated in the base of a cliff 25 meter over the sea level. In 1966, the Sautuola Seminar, leaded by García Guinea begun the research of these cave figures. During the first visit a big deer, of palaeolithic chronology, was located on one of the walls in the cave.

Absolutely all the evidences located are on the right wall, and are engraved with very fine incisions. The animal more times represented is the deer, although the presence of horses and goats, with other figures difficultly interpreted have been also found.

The style of these figures allow to place the chronology of this group, almost for sure, in the Solutrean.

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