C A N T A B R I A   U N I V E R S I T Y
Los Emboscados (Matienzo, Ruesga)  
    Deer   Los Emboscados cave is located in the town of Matienzo, between the basins of the Ason and Miera rivers. This is an area with an important presence of lime materials, being this favorable to the development of a karstic system, with multiple caverns, some of them are decorated since the palaeolithic. Los Emboscados cave is situated in the Southern side of the Fuente Las Varas Mountainīs hillside. A shelter gives access to the cave, consisting of an almost rectilinear long gallery.

One hundred and twenty five meters from the entrance, in an aproximately 20 meters long stretch, a panel where more than a dozen representations of animals have been documented, like incomplete figures and others difficulty interpreted. The animals that can be identified are deers and goats. Very fine engraving is the preponderantly employed technique, but there are evidences in red paint, and agrille-shaped sign, which has been represented on soft limestone using either the finger or an instrument of rounded tip, that gives a thicker aspect to the engraving.

The representations of the Emboscados have been chronologically situated in the last periods of the Magdalenien.

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