C A N T A B R I A   U N I V E R S I T Y
Fuente del Salín (Muñorrodero, Val de San Vicente)  
    Negative hands   The cave of Fuente del Salin is located in Muñorrodero, Val del San Vicente. The representations were discovered in 1985 by speleologist of the SAEC group. The gallery of access to the decorated room uses to be inundated because it acts as spout.

In one of the superior galleries, where the original entry to the cave is located, nowadays closed by a natural collapse, there is a panel, that in the palaeolithic period would be iluminated by the sun light, with twelve negative hands in red colour, some of them with part of the forearm. Other very loose painting remains appear by the first ones. In other of the rooms, two red positive hands, have been found. If there was any otherparietal evidence today it would be totally lost.

During the parietal evidences documentation work, an excavation of a zone close to the paintings, considering that the deposit is sinchronic with the moment of accomplishment of the paintings. The dates given by the works are of 22.340 ± 510/480.

positive hands
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