C A N T A B R I A   U N I V E R S I T Y
La Aguas (Novales, Alfoz de Lloredo)  
        The parietal evidences of Las Aguas cave were discovered by Hermilio Alcalde del Rio in 1909. The cavern is located at 14 kilometers from Torrelavega and 6 kilometers from Santillana del Mar. A big shelter opens the cave, where at the moment of the discovery, two engraved and red painted bisons, a sign in grill, one claviform and red dots. In the 80s, a new study was made by M.R. González Morales and C. González Sainz, members of the University of Cantabria, who located new figures. What for the discovers were simple engraved lines, after a detailed interpretation of the engravings by the investigators from the University of Cantabria, they clearly saw a beautiful head of hind and another one of horse.

All the cave decorations are located deep inside. It still has to be verifyed if in the engravings zone could exist a primitive entrance that today would be hidden by materials. If this was true, it would be an exterior group, changing it from interior to exterior. Chronologicaly the group is situated in the initial or middle Magdalenien.

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