C A N T A B R I A   U N I V E R S I T Y
El Salitre (Miera)  
    Hinds   Salitre cave was located by Lorenzo Sierra in 1903. In the entrance to the cavern remains of bears, deers, chamois, goats, horses and elks were documented together with a deposit from the Solutrean. A gallery, where Lorenzo Sierra saw several representations of animals, gets open behind the entry. On the other hand, Hermilio Alcalde del Rio, during one of his visits, localized other figures. In the 80s, F. Bernaldo de Quiros y V. Cabrera worked in a new research of the cavity decorations, in which they gave new interpretations to the figures.

The group of the caveppresents two hinds in inkpad, and one in black linear trace, one possible bovid head, one caprid and antlers. Non-figurative engravings, black marks and "macarroni" have been also documented. The bad conservation of the pigments makes it difficult to interpretate the figures. The chronology of the red paintings can be situated in the Solutrean.

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