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T cell surface
Cryo-EM of a T cell surface and
gold-labeling of TCR clusters
3D-EM of TCR complex
3D-EM reconstruction of the
T cell receptor complex
3D-EM of TCR complex
Docking of strucutures into the
TCR 3D-EM volume
IC membranes
Intracellular membranes in E. coli
overproducing ATPsynthase subunit b
3D-EM of PFK
3D EM-reconstruction of human
muscle phosphofructokinase
2D-EM and AFM of mitochondrial
ATP synthase reconstituted in lipid bilayers
3D-EM of TrwK
3D EM-reconstruction of a TrwK and docking
of VirB4, TrwB and FtsK structures

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