4th ENSEMBLES GA presentation
Official Release v1.0 (13/11/2007)

Web portals for Climate Data Access and Statistical Downscaling

One of the ENSEMBLES project's aims is maximizing the exploitation of the results by linking the outputs of the ensemble prediction system to a range of applications, including agriculture, health, food security, energy, water resources, insurance and weather risk management, which use high resolution climate inputs to feed their models. To cover the gap between the global coarse simulations and the regional high-resolution needs, downscaling techniques are required, both dynamical and statistical.

This portal provides user-friendly web access to statistical downscaling techniques and simulations (global and regional model outputs) produced in ENSEMBLES (some other useful links).

See the data usage terms and conditions.

Three steps are neccessary to obtain high resolution forecasts in a region of interest: 1. Selecting the predictors, 2. Selecting the stations and variable, 3. Runnin the desired downscaling jobs.