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  CAMPOO-VALDERREDIBLE   Reinosa y Alto Campoo
Valdeprado del Río
From Reinosa to Valdeprado del Río.  
    San Cipriano
  Another alternative from Reinosa is to drive along the highway to Palencia and, after two kilometres, take the turning leading to the Roman ruins of Julióbriga. The church of San Cipriano de Bolmir can be found on that route, a church from the second half of the 17th century. Along that way, one can reach the hill of Retortillo, where the Roman town of Julióbriga and the Romanesque church of Retortillo can be found. Julióbriga was founded due to the Cantabrian wars, to glorify the figure of Augustus. The Ebro reservoir can be seen from here, being one of the biggest in Spain with twenty kilometres long by four wide.

The Romanesque church of Santa María de Retortillo is located on a medieval necropolis on the remains of a basilica from the period of the Roman town.

From Retortillo, the road can be followed bordering the reservoir until Arroyo, to go on southwards to the district of Valdeprado del Río finding the Sanctuary of Montesclaros which traditionally owes its origin to the finding in the early 18th century of the image of a virgin in a grotto by a shepherd who was looking for a lost bull. The remains of a hermitage built there can be found under the present construction. The sanctuary is at present occupied by the Dominican Fathers. This district has a very outstanding popular architecture, with buildings which retain Gothic and Renaissance features in arches, windows, etc., as can be appreciated in Aldea de Ebro, Reocín de los Molinos or Barruelo de los Carabeos.

Santa María (St Mary)
Montes Claros Sanctuary
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