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The Collegiate Church and Medieval Tower.  
    Frontispiece of the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana   As symbol of monasterial power, the magnificent Romanesque collegiate church of Santa Juliana was built to which in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries, the loggia and pediment were added to the southern door, the vestry and the House of the Abbot, in a perfectly adapted Romanesque spirit. Not only its architectural value but also its capitals in the cloister representing historical events, are considered among the best Romanesque sculptural examples in Cantabria. In addition, there are three polychromatic reliefs on the disappeared western frontispiece, representing a Pantócrator, the Virgin and Child and Santa Juliana defeating the devil. Inside the church are kept significant painting and sculpture pieces such as Doña Fronilde's Sepulchre (12th century), the rich recumbent statue on Santa Juliana's Sepulchre (15th century), the Spanish-Flemish image of this Santa, a 17th century Christ of the Castilian school, the rich frontage of the main altar made of repoussé and chiselled silver from Mexico. However, undoubtedly the most outstanding piece of the main altarpiece of Santa Juliana, in Gothic style, contains extraordinary Renaissance paintings of Flemish and Italian influence, as well as rich Gothic and Renaissance sculptures.

As a symbol of nobility, the Merino Tower and the Don Borja Tower (present headquarters of the Fundación Santillana) were built between the 14th and 15th centuries. These are Gothic military towers in which a "peaceful" character prevails over the defensive function. Also from this period is the House of Leonor de la Vega with the heavy coat of arms of her lineage on the façade. Already in the 16th century, the Las Arenas Palace of the House of Velarde existed, with silver décor motifs, considered one of the most important Renaissance architecture expressions in Cantabria.

Cloister of the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana
Merino Tower
High Altarpiece of the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana
Las Arenas Palace
Don Borja Tower
House of Leonor de la Vega
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