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The Urbanism.  
    House of Águila an of La Parra   The historical development of Santillana can be observed at present in its layout, which reflects the succession of different power centres and art styles. The medieval urban structure remains, with only one main street: the Rúa or el Rey street, which stretches from the collegiate church to the outside part of the village in the south. At present, this vía separates into various paths: Río, Cantón, la Carrera and Santo Domingo streets. Also, in the Middle Ages, a new branch was added to this main axis, the present Juan de Infante street, which gave Santillana its Y urban structure, progressing to the urban centre not only at that time but also at present: Ramón Pelayo square, the ancient Market square. There is also another important centre since the medieval period: the square located in front of the collegiate church. In the 17th century, the Revolgo field had already become part of the urban tissue, with the building there of important religious places and numerous casonas. Therefore, Santillana has two squares and two main streets which retain the original stone paving, and to which the façades of the popular houses and casonas are open.

Between the 18th century and the early 19th, Santillana completely lost its power as an administrative and religious centre. In spite of the attempt of the canons to change the collegiate church into a new bishopric separated from that of Burgos, by constructing new attached buildings such as the camarín, the choir and the vestry, the Cathedral was finally settled in the collegiate church of Santander. Nor Santillana could overcome Torrelavega's bid to become the head of the judicial district.

In the 19th century, Santillana was declared national historic and artistic set and at present, it has become one of the most important cultural and tourist centres in Cantabria.

Map of Santillana
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