C A N T A B R I A   U N I V E R S I T Y
Pondra (Pondra, Ramales)  
    Horse head   Pondra cave is located in the hillside where Arco and Venta Laperra caves get open. It is a cave of large dimensions, it was used by sheperds during years and it is still being used to shelter the cattle. It can be accessed through a gallery that after 70 meters raises and continues for 20 more meters, to die in a quite wide and short room. In the cavern, several animal figureshave been found: 2 engraved horses, 1 horse head in a yellowish brown line, 2 hinds in red even tint and 1 deer in linear trace and red inkpaded, as well as some loose lines. The employed techniques are linear trace, with the inkpad, and the engraving. The date of its performance could be located between 19.000 and 15.000 before the present.  
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