C A N T A B R I A   U N I V E R S I T Y
Cobrantes (San Miguel de Aras, Voto)  
    Deer and a bovidīs back side   J. Carballo, great researcher of prehistoric documents, found the cave of Cobrantes during one of his explorations on the zone of the Aras Valley, South East of Santoņa. In the middle 60s, the Sautuola Seminar, leaded by M.A. García Guinea made the documentation work of the parietal evidences.

There are two areas of engravings, one close to the entrance and the other one in a deeper zone of the cavern. In Cobrantes as a whole, we find hinds. deer and a bovidīs back side, , goat, and other figures difficult to interpretate. There are black dispersed traces documented in the entrance of the cave. Althoug the used engraving is of an only trace, it is worth to point out the grooving that appears in the interior of the head of one of the hinds. The stylistic characters that present the figures allow to locate the group in the IV style.

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