C A N T A B R I A   U N I V E R S I T Y
Grande Cave. (Otañes, Castro Urdiales)  
    Deer   In the town of Otañes, municipality of Castro Urdiales, the Grande Cave or Cave of Los Corrales is located. It is a cave that was always known by the natives, who used this place for different purposes until the rupestrian evidences were studied and the cavern got closed.

On April, 1993, a team from the Area of Prehistory of the Historic Science Department of the University of Cantabria, leaded by Dr. César González Sainz, begun the cave research, both materials found on the surface and the palaeolithic parietal representations.

The palaeolithic rupestrian group located in this cavity is reduced to two face to face representations of animals. It is a deer facing to the right and a goat facing to the left. Both figures are engraved with an only trace getting the striated engraving technique, we can find them in furniture art, in the famous engraved shoulder-blades of the Castillo, and Altamira Caves that can be included in the Magdalenien.

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