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La Clotilde (Santa Isabel de Quijas)  
    Figures   La Clotilde cave was discovered by Mr. Hermilio Alcalde del Rio and H. Breuil, in 1906. It is a cave not very known by the natives, because it is semihidden by the vegetation. Despite all, during the time it was open, it was a place of transit.

As it can be nowadays verified, some figures have been seriously damaged by unscrupulous people. This has made that in a few years works of art that got to be preserved during millenniums, a have now dissapeared. This is not a lonely act. On the contrary many caves with art have lost part of their figures, or have been affected with the uncrupulous acts, like making inscriptions with carbide or writing their names over palaeolithic engravings, like in the Sovilla cave .

In Clotilde, six bovids a possible feline, and other non-figurative traces, all of them made on clayey wall, perhaps using the fingers or some instrument of rounded tip. Because of the little coventional style of the figures and the impossibility to date it by physical-chemical methods, it is very hard to situate it chronologically, although last investigations tend to situate them in recient moments of the Upper Palaeolithic.

Uncrupulous acts
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