C A N T A B R I A   U N I V E R S I T Y
Meaza (Ruiseņada, Comillas)  
    Signo rojo   It was discovered on March 11, 1907, by Hemilio Alcade del Rio during explorations of this area. It is situated in Molina de Ruiseņada district, close to Comillas.

The entrance is orientated to the South-West and it is 10 meters wide by 5 high. The inside of the cave is a big room, with the floor covered by stones and blocks. Deep inside is were the only known painting in the Meaza cave. It is a red sign made starting of several lines of dots that describe a whavy shape.

It is difficult to precise this representation chronology because it does not appear associated to other figures of known chronology. It is not possible to apply direct dating techniques of the pigment, because organic material has not been used. However, the construction by dots can be identified with the sign in Chufin and Arco A caves, dated in the Solutrean.

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