Crowded-field Image Simulator for WSO-UV/ISSIS [v1.0]

This software explores the spatial resolution of ISSIS. For a given combination of UV channel, filters and exposure time, the user creates a set of point-like and extended sources (source model). This source model produces a final image, which takes into account a realistic conversion between physical flux and counts/s, the convolution with the expected PSF, a sky background and noise fluctuations. See the user's guide for details

Channel: FUV (1150-1750 Å) NUV (1850-3200 Å)
Filters: open-open NF1-open NF2-open
Exposure time:
Source model PNG
Final image PNG RGBA data

Point Uniform Gaussian Exponential de Vaucouleurs
specific random
x (pixels) number of sources
y (pixels) lower limit upper limit
flux (erg cm-2 s-1Å-1)
R1/2 (pixels)
position angle (deg)

List of sources

num type x y flux R1/2 ellipticity position angle