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The GLENDAMA observations of quasars and other objects were mainly made with the Liverpool Telescope (LT) in the context of a long-term monitoring programme of gravitational lens systems.

This second version of the database includes more than 7000 processed frames of 26 targets over the period 1999-2016. The new release is now freely available for download.

Please, select a single target from the form below and then press the 'submit' button to see the observations available for the selected object.



RX J0254.6+3931

RX J2256.5+2618

RX J2318.5+3048

1WGA J2347.6+0852

Binary QSO

SDSS J1116+4118

1WGA J1334.7+3757

SDSS J2153+2732

QSO B2354+1840

Lensed QSO

QSO B0909+532

FBQS J0951+2635

QSO B0957+561

SDSS J1001+5027

SDSS J1339+1310

QSO B1413+117

SDSS J1442+4055

SDSS J1515+1511

QSO B2237+0305


SDSS J0240-0208

SDSS J0734+2733

SDSS J0735+2036

SDSS J0755+1400

SDSS J1617+3827

SDSS J1642+3200

SDSS J1655+1948

PS1 J2241+4734


Please, cite the paper describing the new fully-operative version of the database (Gil-Merino et al. 2018) or this website if you use GLENDAMA frames in your research.