C A N T A B R I A   U N I V E R S I T Y
Chufín (Riclones, Rionansa)  
    Hinds   Chufin cave is located by the dam of "La Palombera" in the Nansa basin. In the cavern, three artistic groups have been differentiated in function of their techniques, subject and moment of accomplishment. In the first place, we find an exterior panel in the entry iluminated by the sun light, mostly composed of hinds made with the deep engraving technique. This panel is one of the most ancient artistic evidences in Cantabria, together with the exterior group of the Hornos de la Peña cave and can be fit between the chronological limits of the Gravettian. A group of figures of animals in red linear trace and signs made with dots are located in an interior zone and can be dated in an initial moment of the Solutrean. These signs are often associated to natural formations of the rock. Finally, the most recient group is formed by several engraved figures, of an advanced moment of the Solutrean. The documented themes in the cave are hinds, bovids, horses, bisons, besides signs and other unclassifiable lines.  
Figures of animals
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