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      POST-PALEOLITHIC ART   El Cubular shelter
Collado de Sejos
Peņa Lostroso
Peņa Lostroso.  
        The group of engravings in Peņa Lostroso is located in the Ebro river headwaters, about 980 meters high, in the natural environment of the Hijedo Mountain, in Las Rozas de Valdearroyo, between a landscape of sandstone crags and several wooded spots of oak grove and pine grove.

It is a continuous frieze of engravings that covers two vertical walls in a rocky overhang open to the SW and SSE. 22 long figures utter in arch that go with another similar one, but bigger, in which a weapon outline has been inscribed. This last one has been moulded more with low relief technique than simple engraved trace and defines the outline of a dagger in horizontal with wide triangular blade and "increasing" handle. Surrounding this central icon other semicircular trace can be observed, in the superior part and two other obliques ones in the inferior one that end in five lines as "fringes". As a whole, the engraved surface reachs a lenght of 7,40 meters. The biggest figure has a height of 1,10 meters and the other ones average is 70 centimeters. This interesting succession of anthropomorphic schematitations, that seems to represent hierarchic order of intragroup relations, finds formal narrow parallel in other two close places with engravings, as Portillo Viejo and El Redular, also in Hijedo Mountain region. From the analysis of its weapon outlines, the first periods of the Bronze Age (2.000-1.800 B.C) can be determined, as the moment of their execution.

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