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  ARTISTIC ROUTES IN LIÉBANA   From la Hermida to Potes
From Potes to Fuente Dé
From Potes to Piedrasluengas
From Potes to San Glorio
De Potes al puerto de San Glorio.  
    Church of San Jorge (Ledantes)   The Vega de Liébana valley, crossed by Quiviesa river, is reached taking the road from Potes towards the mountain pass of San Glorio, which links Liébana with León. As in most of Liébana, there are a few remains left of a popular Romanesque in some of its churches, for example, the Romanesque bell gable of the church of Vada, the remains of another bell gable in Vega graveyard, an hermitage in Enterrías from a period earlier than the Romanesque, etc.. Finally, in religious architecture it is worth remarking the church of San Jorge in Ledantes, well-known especially for its mural paintings.

Lay architecture is popular and quite homogeneous with many Baroque casonas with their coats of arms in different villages such as Valmeo, Barrio, La Vega, Dobres, etc..

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