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  CASONAS AND PALACES   Casonas and Palaces
Middle Ages
Contemporary Palaces
Casonas and palaces.  
    House of Hombrones (Santillana del Mar)   The casonas montaņesas are part of Spanish art history. They do not belong to a popular architecture but to the nobility and are built by architects who, spread throughout the whole of Spain, returned to their hometown with the innovations learnt in the most important artistic foci.

The casa solariega (ancestral seat) is linked to the history of the nobility in Cantabria. It is based on mythical origins according to which the source of nobility would be descent from those who stood up for their freedom in the fight against the Muslims. To keep the house, and to set the coat of arms, are some of the most important things in the house of Hombrones in Santillana del Mar, in which the link of the noble family with the place is clearly stated.







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