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Contemporary Palaces
Contemporary Palaces.  
    Sobrellano Palace (Comillas)   Within 19th century architecture, it is worth remarking on the Sobrellano ensemble formed by the palace and the chapel-pantheon, ordered by Antonio López y López, first Marquis of Comillas. This is a clear example of the history of the indianos, who, returning to their hometown, built a house which corresponded with their newly gained power and prompted works to improve the place (roads, schools...).

Around 1900, the Los Hornillos Cottage was build in Las Fraguas, introducing the influence of British architecture in Cantabria, which achieved its culmination in the construction of Magdalena Palace.

Finally, the Ocharan residential ensemble in Castro Urdiales is remarkable, being formed by the eclectic palace "Toki Eder", a castle inspired by the Gothic Revival-Mudéjar and which has an Oriental pavilion.

Chapel-Pantheon of Sobrellano Palace (Comillas)
Los Hornillos Cottage (Las Fraguas)
Toki Eder (Castro Urdiales)
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